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Depression in Elderly

Everybody reaches the retirement age when it is really the time to relax and enjoy life. But there are people who enter a stage where they start losing interest in things they always loved to do. They become sober and even very arrogant in some cases. Most of them even lose their smiles and just become non-responsive.

These are the indications of depression in elderly and below are the top 5 reasons why it occurs.

5 Reasons for Depression in Elderly

1. Loneliness is the top reason for depression in elderly

When people get old, they can still live a happy life when they have a partner or spouse to spend time with them. But not everyone is fortunate enough as some lose their partner and become lonely. And when in such situation, if there is nobody else to talk to them or spend quality time with them, they tend to become depressed. The feeling of loneliness can occur even in elders who live with children and grandchildren. And the reason is pretty much clear, they are missing their spouses who they loved the most.

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2. Health problems

There are several age-related diseases such as Parkinson’s, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, thyroid problems, etc. These diseases can make the elderly weak and that makes it hard for them to cope up with their routine activities. So it is natural to feel sad and depressed in such a situation. The depression, in this case, can be worse if the person who has always been healthy and strong suddenly becomes low due to some disease. They mentally start feeling disappointed about the fact that they are no more strong. This is very common with sportsmen who become old.

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3. Loss of appetite

Most people lose their appetite when they grow old and will not feel urges to eat things they love anymore. Delicious food is the best mood lifter and we often treat ourselves to stay in good mood and to even kill the stress. But when you start losing interest in those exotic and tasty foods, it is natural to feel low. It is like your taste buds and your mood has lost a connection.

4. Socially disconnected

In most cases, elder people are ignored at parties, family gatherings, and social events. So they feel left out and start thinking their age is the greatest disadvantage. This feeling can gradually become a matter of depression. This is more likely when you are the only elder person in the neighborhood or amongst your relatives.

5. Depression in elderly due to aches

Older people are prone to body aches, pain in joints, knee pain, etc. Some may have depression due to Multiple Sclerosis. This is clearly an age-related deformity and not everyone can take it positively. Some people have low resistance towards such aches and it is natural to feel depressed about it.

There are plenty of other reasons why old people get depressed too. However, these are very common to occur and easy to spot one of these.

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