Depression in Australia | Statistics

Lets talk about Anxiety and depression in Australia. Depression in Australia A beautiful country, someone would have thought this country has low unemployment, perfect Health care, lots of parks, good education and schools and the list goes on. It’s beyond a dream country. But the question arise; why are there so many depressed people living Continue Reading

5 General Causes of Anxieties in Relationships

Anxiety can be described as the feeling of being uneasy that is caused by several factors which include fear and excessive worry. These conditions can exert undesirable influence in our behaviour and blatantly reveal symptoms ranging from mild to serve. All these anxieties in relationships can really wreck havoc on a perfect one making things Continue Reading

Depression and anxiety in Multiple Sclerosis!

What is Multiple Sclerosis? Multiple Sclerosis is a severely debilitating disease that has claimed upwards of 20,000 lives worldwide since the last three years alone. Typically afflicting individuals from 20 to 50 years old, this malady attacks the nervous system, leaving all the other reliant body systems cut off and impeded from functioning, if not Continue Reading

Anxiety and Depression: Herbal vs Drugs

Understanding what’s best for anxiety and depression wrote by Trevala Depression is a psychological state of melancholy and deep sadness, with or with no obvious reason, and in addition, lost longing, sleep deprivation, and a penchant to inactivity. Anxiety is an undesirable and unjustified feeling whose force is not in the extent to its possible Continue Reading

Exercising can beat anxiety

Do you know that you can beat anxiety by exercising? definitely YES! Talking to a therapist Using herbal cures and talking to a doctor is among the initiatives you can use to deal with anxiety. Exercising by engaging in various sporting activities rapidly also reduces anxiety. Anxiety raises stress hormone, leads to immune system malfunction Continue Reading

6 Factors What Causes Anxiety disorder

What causes anxiety disorder? Anxiety is an awful feeling to have. It’s unsettling to think that one in every thirteen people suffers from an anxiety disorder. Heart palpitations, chest pain, and hyperventilation are some of the common symptoms that anxiety sufferers may experience. The main symptom though those anxiety sufferers all share is an ongoing Continue Reading