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The Reason Why Linkin Park Chester Bennington Committed Suicide

Chester Bennington, 41, rocked the music entertainment scene when he reportedly committed suicide at his home in Palos Verdes Estate, California on 20th of July, 2017. The mourning fans from all over the world were deeply saddened by the untimely death of Linkin Park’s prominent lead vocalist. Bennington was active in the world of alternative metal rock since 1996 and essentially joined the bands “Dead By Sunshine” and “Stone Temple Pilots” as frontman. Despite the career success of the 41-year-old Phoenix-born musician, it is inevitable for his fans to wonder why Chester Bennington committed Suicide at an early age.


Bennington is a supportive fan of various team sports in Phoenix and fellow musicians of different music rock genres. He joined the rock band Linkin Park in 2000 with Mike Shinoda, co-band vocalist, and the band released the album “Hybrid Theory.” His personal life is characterized by different musical influences, life struggles and health problems which have affected his major decisions in the music career. These might be some of the possible reasons why Bennington decided to take his own life through hanging.


Personal struggles in life

Bennington had experienced numerous hardships, emotional pain, and career frustrations during his younger years. These bad experiences were contributing factors on how he understood life in general until he died. He recalled being molested in his childhood for several years by a close friend starting at age 7. His married life with first wife Samantha Olit even struggled dramatically due to drug substance abuse and excess alcohol intake.


Health issues during his music career

Bennington’s overall health condition is believed to be a major issue over the frequent cancellation of Linkin Park’s activities from album recording to actual performances. While filming the video “Numb,” he started suffering from gastrointestinal and chronic abdominal pain which forced him to undergo medical intervention. Bennington was also popular in performing his own stunts on the stage platform, injuring himself in the process. His frequent illness might be a valid reason for what could lead to his anxiety attacks and depression on top of numerous postponements of world tours and local performances.


Link to Chris Cornell’s death

Bennington became very emotional upon learning the death of Sound Garden’s lead singer and close friend Chris Cornell last 20th of May, 2017. Despite their age gap, he and Cornell became extremely close to each other brought by their similarities in songwriting, musical styles and life perspectives as a whole. Excessive grief over the death of Cornell might have caused his emotional instability plus the fact that many people do not understand his views. He even made a comment on his Instagram saying, “I can’t imagine a world without you in it,” reflecting his grief for the loss of a friend.


Mike Shinoda recounted how Bennington became so emotional when Linkin Park performed the song “One More Light” as a musical tribute for Cornell. His sadness was also noticed when he sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” during Cornell’s funeral. The music industry has lost another artist with an extraordinary talent and charisma. Indeed, Bennington has turned new metal and hip-rock rock universal, earning him the full respect of the mainstream rock community.

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