narcotics and anxiety

Many people use substances, which may be drugs or not drugs, for different reasons and largely affect their moods.

For drug substances, known or unknown to you, when you use them you derive pleasure, or act as a meal enhancer or just a medication you use to relieve pain but gradually become a part of you.

It is of importance to know that almost all substances we consume have their effects and risks imposed on us drugs are the more prominent causative agents.

Thus, there is a need to understand how drugs affect depression and anxiety. These are key evidence of addiction to drugs.

The use of drugs has effects across all ages of human beings, whether male or female, from children to adults.

The result is the abnormal and unhealthy state of despair, dread, and worthlessness.

The persistence of feelings of depression and anxiety among drug users are shown through fatigue, loss of concentration, demotivation, insomnia and distressing thoughts.

All these combined largely interfere with your daily routine and life, and when they persist they could become a clinical disorder that will require intervention.


It is important for a drug user to know how drugs affect depression and anxiety.

Therefore, certain warning signs will exhibit the effects.

Warning signs of Narcotics and Anxiety


Symptoms of Depression


Use of drugs results in depression and the following are symptoms associated with it, they include but not limited to:


-Feelings of sadness, low moods and loss of self-esteem at most times.

-Loss of interest in things that you enjoyed engaging in before.

-Losing appetite and weight.

-Worrying about the past things.

-Losing hope and devaluing yourself.

-Thinking about death or suicide as an escape from life problems.


Symptoms of Anxiety


The major impact of drugs on anxiety is the breeding of anxiety disorder which affects the victim in ways such as:


-Uncontrollable worries about routine daily events and the future.

-Panicking for no apparent reason or simply sudden deep anxiety.

-Developing phobia for certain experiences, situations or just activities.

-Recurrent trauma memories that result in big fear.

-Experiencing unnecessary and undesirable thoughts that are compulsive.


The above warning signs make drug substance abuse such a bad habit.

However, if the victims don’t realize in time and are helped they resort to other problematic actions, some of which include using drugs to relieve stress.

Moreover, the victim consumes more than they intended to and spend more than they afford and personality abruptly changes.

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