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5 General Causes of Anxieties in Relationships

Anxiety can be described as the feeling of being uneasy that is caused by several factors which include fear and excessive worry. These conditions can exert undesirable influence in our behaviour and blatantly reveal symptoms ranging from mild to serve. All these anxieties in relationships can really wreck havoc on a perfect one making things go awry really fast. In this commentary we are going to chew over some of these causes.

5 General Causes of Anxieties in Relationships


1. Financial anxieties in relationships

Financial quandary is a prime cause of distress in relationships.

Couples in relationships can have dissimilar propositions on how and when to spend or how much to save.

Spending on opulent personal items can leave couples expostulating over whether it was a good idea to purchase the item or not.

Some unwelcome behaviour like gambling can be deemed as imprudent by a partner too leading to non- essential altercations.

Dating an individual who is jobless or just lost their job can also be exigent and stressful to couples. It’s good for couples to talk through their issues with an open mind and support each other when necessary.


2. Jealousy

When people are in a relationship, sometimes the lack of trust can really cause anxiety where one of the couple could be apprehensive towards the other.

With this kind of insecurities in couples, it can be really nerve-racking and the only way to resolve it is for couples to talk and build each others self esteem.


3. Abandonment and losing a loved one

Relationships are tough at times especially long distance ones.

You will be continuously worrying about what your significant other is doing, are they going to abandon you because you’re not physically present or what!

Such kind of thoughts will precipitate the feeling of fear of loosing love from your partner.

Constant communication and trust is the best way to deal with this form of anxiety.


4. Separation anxieties in relationships

In relationships, there are going to be good times and tough times. During tough times when you squabble with your partner like FIFO workers, there might be thoughts of them separating from you and moving on with their lives.

You and your partner need to have clearly set boundaries on what is acceptable and what is not to avert any skirmishes that might lead to separation.


5. Falling in love/rejection

Meeting someone and falling in love can be exhilarating since the relationship is young and fresh and you are both still discovering each other.

This can cause anxiety (first panic attack) by making you feel impuissant and have the fear being hurt again.

Just let things flow naturally and time will tell.

Rejection can also cause anxiety as you might need to ask for a favour from your partner but fear the rejection answer you might get or dread to appear as being weak for requesting help from them.

There is nothing wrong in asking for help.

Couples need to be open to each other and communicate their feeling more freely and also be solicitous to what their significant other is requesting of them.


Every relationship once in a while has to go through some tough situations as that is what makes it worth all the effort. Even though these negative factors can lead to a disquietude state among couples in relation to work, money, family and health.

Anxieties in relationships can be handled impeccably if couples can put aside their differences, be in acquiescent mood and talk about their predicament and come up with a solution that moves their relationship forward.

Trials exist everywhere in life so don’t let anxiety takeover and devastate your life.

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