depression in australia
Lets talk about Anxiety and depression in Australia.

Depression in Australia

A beautiful country, someone would have thought this country has low unemployment, perfect Health care, lots of parks, good education and schools and the list goes on. It’s beyond a dream country. But the question arise; why are there so many depressed people living in Australia?


I have made some infographic in percentages to show the real situation in this beautiful country.

anxiety and depression in australia infographic

Depression in Australia infographic

As you can see, the stats are very considering. Anxiety and depression in Australia is becoming a huge problem.  What can we do to make a change? Should they ban organisation publicing  big campaigns to implicate hungry eyes of a slice of cake, on people with mental health issues? Perhaps a much better option is to find the causes of these horrible illnesses.

Get back to the statistics now:

3 Million people in Australia suffer from anxiety and depression.
Depression is more common among females than males.
Only 35 percents of Australians with mental disorder access treatment.
4 in average commit suicide
10 in average attempts to take their own life.

We can see this doesn’t look promising, but giving people hope and courage to ask for the help is what everyone should do.

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I have settled in Australia for now 3 years, And have noticed the lifestyle here is very different to where i used to live in Europe. Social life is very limited due to long hours of work. People are too busy focusing how to pay off debts and try to save money to earn a living, than rather hang-out together and not worry much about how they can survive through high expensive bills and debt. Anxiety and depression in Australia takes time consuming to get rid off western style of living. Lets take an example of anxiety problem of FIFO workers. These people are amazing hard workers dedicating to be out in the field for weeks even months. Spending long hours in the desert to feed their families and save some money to have a better future. They have earned their respect, but what is the solution for their condition? No one talks about depression of these workers. Instead of gambling and attending to dirty pubs, find out what else could they do to kill their precious free time while stuck up there in the mines?

We need to think of a better solution to save hard workers and people of Australia to battle depressions and anxiety, because truly they do live in one of the best country. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help.

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