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Celebrities Who Committed Suicide!

These are 10 celebrities who committed suicide because of anxiety and depression.


Contrary to our perception, the rich and famous aren’t suicide-proof.  They too have their share of events, life and career issues, and other factors that may lead to suicide. We might wonder, what causes people decide to take their own lives? Apparently, the culprits are anxiety and depression. The two are different psychological states, but sufferers of both should be similarly given serious care and attention. Otherwise, we lose them in suicide.  Sadly, ten celebrities took their own lives in the year 2017:

1 – Butch Trucks (69),  Allmand Brothers Band drummer, shot himself

A popular band in the 1970’s, the Allmand Brothers Band took over the musical waves for a decade, disbanded several times throughout the years, and made their heavy comeback through a musical tour in the 90’s.   Their drummer, Butch Trucks was recognized as one of the top 10 drummers in rock history by Rolling Stone. He reportedly shot himself in front of his wife in his West Palm Beach condo.  His motive for suicide was unclear, but speculations emerged that he had been struggling with tax woes and sold a Palm Beach mansion to pay off mortgages.

2 – Brad Bufanda (34), American Actor, jumped from the building

A former child star, he was best known as Felix Toombs in an American Television Series, Veronica Mars.  He complained about his Hollywood career downturn

and released photos of himself being unusually skinny in social media.  He was in the merge of working for two movies that might give himself a big break in his career until he jumped off from a Los Angeles building.  Though his reason for taking his own life was unclear, it was a planned move as a thank you note addressed to his family and friends was found near his lifeless body.  More letters were received by his kin after his death.

4- Stevie Ryan (33), American actress and comedian, hanged herself

She was best known for her YouTube channel, Little Loca, featuring a Mexican American Homegirl posting music videos and vlogs

about her life.  She was on anti-depressants for ten years though finding the perfect battery of medications for herself.  She admitted to her extreme mood swings in podcast channel Mentally (Ch)ill, a channel aiming to give support to people suffering from anxiety and depression. She died in her Los Angeles home by hanging herself.


5 – Jean Stein (83), Author, jumped from her Manhattan apartment

A biography writer known for writing the life about the rich and famous, including that of Robert F. Kennedy plunged into her death after jumping off from the 15th floor of her Manhattan Apartment.  Her fortune was left to her foundation, the JKW Foundation, the UCLA, the Jules Stein Eye Institute and the Whitney Museum. She reportedly suffered from depression at the time of her death.

6 – John Rheinecker (38),  Major League Baseball pitcher, not revealed

This was another tragic suicide due to depression.  He was baseball star being the top pitcher and hitter in the 1997 Gibault baseball squad.  Nothing much was revealed about the cause of his depression and how he died, but his family revealed that he committed suicide.

7 –  Tommy Page (46), American Singer-Songwriter, hanged himself

In the 90’s, his song “I’ll Be Your Everything” was dominating the airwaves. Little did we know that he will hang himself years later.  The cause of suicide wasn’t revealed.

8 – Aaron Hernandez (27), American football player, hanged himself

He was a player for the National Football League and struggled with life controversies when convicted of the murder of Odin Lloyd.  Also, he faced several trials for two other murder charges while in prison.  He hanged himself with a bedsheet in his prison cell five days after he was acquitted of the recent charges.  Apparently, researchers found out that he suffered from severe CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) which is commonly greater than 100 former NFL players, most of them committed suicide.

9 –  Michael Mantenuto (35), American Actor, gunshot

An American Actor turned Special Forces Soldier killed himself though self-inflicting gunshot in his car in Des Moines, Washington.  Police officers found a spiral notebook with a written three-lined note believing to be his suicide note.

3 – Chris Cornell (52), American Singer, hanged himself

If you are a 90’s kid and have heard of Black Hole Sun and Spoonman by Soundgarden in the radio waves, you definitely listened to Chris Cornell. Sadly, the rock and roll legend ended his life by hanging himself at Detriot MGM’s Grand Hotel.  He was a recovering drug addict and took several medications, including Ativan, for his anxiety.  His family believes that high dosages of the drug gave him suicidal thoughts and therefore was unaware of his actions at the time of his death.

10  – Chester Bennington (41),  American lead singer of Linkin Park, hanging

Who would have not known Linkin Park back in the 90”s?  A very disturbing turn-around of events, on the 53rd birthday of his close friend, Chris Cornel he committed suicide by hanging himself in his Californian home.  He was deeply saddened when his friend passed away and was known commenting on Instagram about Chris’ death “I can’t imagine a world without you in it.”

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