Depression in Australia | Statistics

Lets talk about Anxiety and depression in Australia. Depression in Australia A beautiful country, someone would have thought this country has low unemployment, perfect Health care, lots of parks, good education and schools and the list goes on. It’s beyond a dream country. But the question arise; why are there so many depressed people living Continue Reading

Top 5 Reasons for Depression in Elderly

Everybody reaches the retirement age when it is really the time to relax and enjoy life. But there are people who enter a stage where they start losing interest in things they always loved to do. They become sober and even very arrogant in some cases. Most of them even lose their smiles and just Continue Reading

Top 5 Causes of Depression in Athletes

Just like any other ordinary individual, athletes also suffer from various personal and psychological issues. Depression in athletes has become very common. It is also one of the factors that disrupt their performance and career. Even during training, an athlete may already be suffering from depression. Prevalence of Depression in Athletes Studies reveal that 68% Continue Reading