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The key in handling anxiety problems on a call centre agent is how he/she handle stress professionally.

As mentioned, the industry is really demanding and a weak personality can lead to stress and eventually anxiety problems. The job description of being a call centre agent is commonly looked over by freshly employed candidates that go through the training process.

A regular voice account training can take up to a month to three months with little to no connection with the real job description. Training takes place in a controlled environment where the stress of the “floor” isn’t really felt until the agents are endorsed by their different teams. This shift can easily trigger call center agents anxieties in a matter of days since only 10% of the actual job description is taught in classrooms.

Regular shifting of schedules is also a huge factor when it comes to stacking up stress levels. There are only a couple of accounts worldwide that offer fixed scheduled office hours, for the rest of the companies, weekly change of schedule is normal and a person that is new to the industry can easily feel disoriented with time.

This also leads to the disruption of your regular sleep pattern that can, in turn, lead to anxiety.

Work-life balance is non-existent to low ranking call center agents, making it hard for them to get out of the daily grind and just relax and not think about work. Which leads us to KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators. This is one of the reasons that an will develop anxiety disorders.

Personal metrics are the key to success in the call center field and in order to keep up with the company demands, overtime work, crazy shifting of schedules are needed to be dealt with if they want to hit the monthly KPI’s.

How to prevent call centre agents anxieties


Prevention is better than cure.

This has been proven a lot of times at almost everything we encounter in our lives as a human being. If a person plans to pursue a career in the customer service field they need to make sure that they are not just physically healthy but mentally ready to take on the challenges the position demands of them.

Call centre agents anxieties can easily be battled when a person that is able to compete with utter dedication and happiness at the same time.

If you are planning to get into this field, please bear in mind that it is not how good you handle a call (learning is constant) but it is how you handle stress professionally to avoid anxiety problems.

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