Hiding behind the face of anger!

Angry people can seem strong, frightening, dominant. So it isn’t obvious that behind that tough, aggressive mask could be hiding an anxious, vulnerable person. Everyone these days has heard of fight or flight syndrome, the legacy of evolution which begins when certain sections of the brain light up in response to a perceived threat, triggering Continue Reading

Depression and anxiety in Multiple Sclerosis!

What is Multiple Sclerosis? Multiple Sclerosis is a severely debilitating disease that has claimed upwards of 20,000 lives worldwide since the last three years alone. Typically afflicting individuals from 20 to 50 years old, this malady attacks the nervous system, leaving all the other reliant body systems cut off and impeded from functioning, if not Continue Reading

Stress and anxiety – bad combination!

Not only do stress and anxiety force people to go through roller coaster emotional rides from time to time, these also affect their productivity, their capacity to act as normal people, their relationships with others and their relationships with themselves.

Anxiety in children!

Fear creates anxiety in children. If you are the parent(s), or caregiver(s), for an autistic child, you will understand that fear and anxiety probably seems to be a regular part of your daily life, with your child. The question you are asking yourself, is, how can you decrease fear and anxiety for your child?

Anxiety and Depression: Herbal vs Drugs

Understanding what’s best for anxiety and depression wrote by Trevala Depression is a psychological state of melancholy and deep sadness, with or with no obvious reason, and in addition, lost longing, sleep deprivation, and a penchant to inactivity. Anxiety is an undesirable and unjustified feeling whose force is not in the extent to its possible Continue Reading