anxiety in children

Fear creates anxiety in children. If you are the parent(s), or caregiver(s), for an autistic child, you will understand that fear and anxiety probably seems to be a regular part of your daily life, with your child.

The question you are asking yourself, is, how can you decrease fear and anxiety for your child?

That question may seem overwhelming. You are aware that your child who has the disorder of autism, reacts with fear and anxiety, even if there is, the slightest change in his or her social environment. You are frustrated not knowing what to do.

Some easy and simple steps you might want to consider to help decrease the fear an anxiety for your child are:

Allow your child to laugh, dance, sing be free to express his or her emotions by being silly and having fun.

This is healthy and therapeutic.

Have your child smile or learn how to smile, by making fun things happen, enjoy amusement, activities that will make your child smile. Know your child.

Your child needs to feel comfortable and safe

A routine schedule reduces anxiety and fear.

Try not to force new, unexpected surprises on your child that may result in an increase of fear and anxiety, which will add more stress to the situation and your child.

If you plan to do something out of the ordinary routine with your child, be sure you take time to explain what you are planning, the time, the season, the place and the people who will be present and the reason for these changes of plans.

View old, recent, and updated photos of people, places and seasons, that your child with autism may be familiar with. This helps the planning with your child and to be part of a new routine. In addition, it helps to decrease fear and anxiety.

Reduce the clutter in a room where your child will be. This includes the play area, bedroom, kitchen and an area that your child will be participating in.

Reduce noises, bright lights, flickering lights, large crowds, people, new faces etc. This will decrease anxiety and fear.

If you are rushing around in your home or another place, not being organized, your child will sense that chaotic pace you are displaying. Of course, by doing this, it will cause an increase in anxiety, fear and bring more stress.

At the beginning of the day, do some exercises with your child. You may want to consider doing some fun exercises before you know or feel your child will have anxiety and fear.

Giving hugs is an excellent way of decreases fear and anxiety.

Have communication with your doctor or a professional who is knowledgeable about autism to gain expert advice about how to decrease fear and anxiety in your child.

 Be aware of the emotions your child has and respect them.

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