animal support with anxiety

An emotional support animal is one which offers companionship preferably to a disabled person and helps to lessen or soothe their owners when they are emotionally upset. Research shows that animals can improve a person’s mood and reduce tension and anxiety. The emotional support animal can undergo little or no training. Its presence around a person with disorder ensures that the person has a company which helps them to cope well with their anxiety and hence they have an easier time coping with their daily issues.

Emotional support animals help to fight anxiety in various ways. They can be trained to find their owner’s family members in crowded places in case there is an attack causing panic.

They can also search a room before their owners enter a room that they have anxiety about entering for fear of being attacked.

Also for owners with obsessive or irresistible behaviors, these animals can be trained to recognize these behaviors and redirect the owner to do some other work like brushing their fur.

Emotional support animals are trained to help their owners when they are having a panic attack.


Emotional support animals add a little responsibility to their owners like being fed.

This gives them a sense of importance and keeps them away from their anxieties for some time.

They engage their owners in physical activities for example being taken for walks in the case of dogs. Physical activities are believed to be good both for physical and mental health.

Pets used for emotional support can improve their owner’s social interaction with other people for example when they are taking pets out for walks or veterinary services, they can talk with people they meet and this can help minimize their anxieties.


In modern society, people are losing interpersonal connection due to internet and technological connections which can cause them anxiety and emotional issues.

Emotional support animals offer this interpersonal relationship to their owners keeping them away from these issues. It is believed that the sense of touch relieves stress and anxiety.

Having a pet animal to hold and stroke can help to keep the owner cal and free from anxiety.

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