anxiety and depression at home


Anxiety is a disease that makes one feel fear or experience the symptoms of fear. The disease alters how one feel, think and act. Anxiety is not a choice and no one wish to have it. The disease has a cause which is not the same for everyone. Once the disease forms, it does not goes away easily and will take time to change your body back. It makes the brain and body to change in a way that makes one more susceptible to anxiety and its symptoms. Some of the causes of anxieties at home include:

1. Stress

Simple life stresses are the most common causes of anxiety. Long-term stress like one experienced in a relationship that is emotionally damaging can create anxiety disorders. There is a link between stress and anxiety which is extensive. Stress overwhelm the mind, making it harder to push the anxiety away. Most panic attacks occurs during the period of stress. Stress may create itself as it weaken a part of the brain that helps one cope with it. As a result, one may not be able to handle stress easily in the future.

2. Life experiences or parenting

In life one undergoes through many experiences which can promote or prevent developing an anxiety. A child can learn anxiety from the parents by watching the way his or her parents react to fear. Kids can also learn anxiety from parents’ teachings through inculcation of fear of things when younger. Poor social reactions in youths can also create poor social phobia in them. One can also become fearful as a result of bullying by fellow youth or even teachers. Anxiety disorders can be prevented in every life experience. The right decisions and choices have the power to eliminate anxiety in future.

3. Trauma

Some traumatic experiences may lead to development of anxiety disorders. Trauma is a form of a severe, instant stress that is caused by an external factor such as death experiences, sexual assault, violence, witnessing death and many others. It is most common to those with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, social phobia and panic disorder. Trauma may occur at any time in somebody’s life and can cause effects right away.

4. Change

Change can lead to anxiety disorders. Some individuals adapt to change quickly, but many others adapt slowly. Smaller changes, like a new home, or the larger changes, like a divorce may induce anxiety. Change cause people to be emotional and feel unfamiliar. This unfamiliarity can cause significant stress and creation of an anxiety disorder.

5. Abuse/Neglect

Children abuse and neglect can lead to creation of anxiety disorders. Researchers point to a person’s childhood as the only creator of anxiety. But in reality, any form of abuse and neglect can take place at any time. Those people in emotionally damaging relationships ends up in anxiety.

Anxiety at home can easily be controlled by making home environments conducive to all. Kids should be instilled with a lot of confidence in their upbringing. This will help prevent cases of anxiety in their adulthood.

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